General T&Cs

Treasure Gymnastics Standard Terms and Conditions.  

By accepting a place you are agreeing to adhere to these terms.

Treasure Gymnastics have published codes of conduct for gymnast, coach and parent, we expect all members to follow these codes of conduct in full. Failure to follow the codes of conduct may result in being asked to leave classes.


Bookings and payments

Initial bookings and tasters for classes must be booked with our class list manager.  Once the free taster session has been completed you have a period of two weeks to make membership and class fee payments.  No classes can be attended (following the taster period) without membership being paid and payment of all or partial fees being made.  No amendments to original bookings can be made unless they are requested in writing and are agreed by our administration team at their discretion and in agreement with the coaching team.  You risk losing your child’s place in a class if you do not make full payment for courses prior to a new course. Late payment fees will be applied to class fees not paid by the end of term.



Signing up for classes is a rolling commitment.

The fees are non-refundable unless there are special circumstances in which case the refund is at our discretion and each circumstance will be taken on its own merits.

If you wish to cancel membership at any time, refunds will not be given and 4 weeks of classes must be given as notice period. (4 classes must be paid for, regardless of whether the gymnast chooses to continue in class or not)

Cancellation / notice of leaving must be given by email to our administration team.

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for Treasure gymnastics to cancel a class. If this happens, you will be notified with as much notice as possible by email and on our social networking feeds.  

For those paying a charge based on the number of lessons in a term a full refund or credit will be given for any cancellations made by Treasure Gymnastics.  If the cancellation is outside of our control - for example due to an incident at a venue or extreme weather conditions a refund will not be made.


We appreciate that some children do not always wish to take part on the day or may wish to attend other events (such as a friend’s birthday party) but we are unable to refund for any children who do not take part, this is due to the fact that we have reserved the space for your child and the staff and venue have already been arranged. Please note that it is quite normal for children to be shy when they first attend and their confidence will grow in the weeks to come.  The coaching team are experienced in dealing with this and will be happy to work with your gymnast to improve their confidence. Once a course or series of lessons has been paid for, you are not entitled to a refund if your child does not wish to attend.

We do not offer “makeup classes” for lessons missed.


To avoid overcrowding and shyness in class, one adult guardian ONLY per child is allowed into the preschool adult and child classes.  In independent classes (where the adult is not required to participate in class) adults are asked to wait outside or to drop gymnasts and leave the venue.   We will be happy for you to invite two adults per child to “watching week”.

All children in our preschool programmes must have a guardian on site at all times and a waiting area will be available for this.  Gymnastics coaching is much more effective when the environment is not distracting so if you are attending a supported class or “watching week” please refrain from chatting during the class times.

Arriving at classes and leaving

Gymnasts must be escorted into the hall where the class is taking place.  They cannot be dropped in the car park or other areas of the venue. Likewise at the end of the class please collect your gymnast from the hall door.  Gymnasts without guardians will not be allowed to leave unattended unless prior written consent has been given by the guardian. This consent will only be accepted for gymnasts aged 12 and over.  Gymnasts are required to arrive in good time to start the class promptly. Those arriving 10 minutes or more after the start of the class will not be permitted to join in as they will have missed the vital warm up.  No refunds are payable in these circumstances.

Disruptive and Inappropriate Behaviour

Children and adults in attendance at classes are asked to be civil and courteous to other members and other venue users at all times. Should a child or adult become abusive, violent or disruptive, it is at the discretion of the lead coach to issue a time out in accordance with our discipline guidelines.


A refund or credit for lessons missed due to illness will only be considered on production of a signed, valid and dated doctor’s note with a full explanation of the illness.  


Holidays taken within course dates will not decrease the price of the course. Full payment for the course must still be made and no refunds will be given for weeks missed due to holidays.

Class Levels

The suitable ages and ability requirements for classes and levels are determined by a highly experienced lead coaching team.  Certain age bandings must be stuck to to meet the requirements of our insurers and to ensure all classes remain fair and challenging for all participants. Your child will be put in the most suitable class for their age and/or ability,  if you have any questions regarding this you can speak to the lead coach of your gymnast’s class but their decision on class placement is final. Guardians do not exercise the right to move children into different classes without the prior consent of the coach in charge of the session.

Arrival & Departure Times

Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the start time of your class as we cannot guarantee access to the premises. Once your allocated class time has finished, it is necessary to vacate the premises swiftly so the premises can be cleaned and prepared for the next class. All pupils must have vacated the premises no more than 10 minutes after the finish time of their class. Please make the person responsible for your child aware of the arrival and departure times, if you will not be in attendance.


On booking, please give full details of any child with any disabilities. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify us of such disabilities to ensure safe and effective teaching methods and standards are maintained.  Some disabilities will need additional checks from our insurers and we may require you to provide letters from medical professionals on this before classes can be attended.


Medical conditions

Guardians must update the administration office with details of new or changing medical conditions.

Potty Training/Toilet Visits

To keep toilet visits / missed class time to a minimum, If your child is potty trained, please take them to the toilet immediately prior to the commencement of any class so there will be as little disruption during class times.  Coaches cannot be responsible for personal care or potty training, if your child still needs this support please ensure you stay on site so you can assist with this as and when required.

Physical Contact

Parents should be aware that due to the nature of gymnastics it is necessary for the coaches to have physical contact – known as “Handling” or “supporting” the gymnasts.

Food and Drink During Class

Only water bottles can be taken into regular classes.  Specific refreshment breaks will be allowed during classes which are more than 1 hour if your gymnast attends one of these sessions they may also bring a healthy snack.

Lost property

All property is the responsibility of the child and guardian attending class  Treasure Gymnastics can not be liable for any lost or damaged belongings. Items found will be held at the office for a period of one month before being disposed of or donated to charity.

Insurance, First Aid and DBS Checks

We have Public Liability Insurance to include accidental injury to any person or property caused in connection with the Business. One member of staff will have attended a First Aid Awareness Course or have a First Aid qualification. Copies of qualifications and DBS checks are available upon request.


Understanding risk

Due to the nature of activities at a gymnastics club we wish to inform you that the possibility of serious injury exists.  It is vital that members follow instructions given to them by coaches to decrease the risk of serious injury. By attending class it is deemed that you accept all risks associated with such participation.

Customer Service

It is our intention to provide you with a high level of customer service at all times, however, if you are dissatisfied with the level of service, please contact us.  There is a customer comment / feedback form available in the download section of our website.