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Upgrading to Silver Membership

How to … upgrade to Silver

In order for your gymnast to enter certain competitions they must have Silver Membership.
A lot of gymnasts were registered with Bronze Membership and will therefore need to upgrade for the competition.

Here’s how to do that…...

Login to Gymnet


You will need to use the email address you used to register your gymnast in October 2017 and the related password. There is a forgotten password facility if you need it.

You will reach this screen……….

Select the blue "Update details" button at bottom left of page

This takes you to parent registration page……..

There is a drop down box middle left that says "select child" - select the child you wish to upgrade

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and it gives a list of upgrades available

Click the shopping basket next to the the "BG silver competitive" option

Then go to the shopping basket on the right of the screen and check out. It gives option to pay by bank card (via sagepay)

Log out and it’s all done your gymnast is ready for their next competition.