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If you are interested in coaching, either qualified or as a trainee please get in touch with us.
We continuously recruit to allow us to grow our club and offer more activities to more potential gymnasts.

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Our classes operate 7 days per week between 9am and 9pm. Please indicate the days you would be available to work around any other commitments you have (such as college / child care etc.)
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Please give details of your qualifications - GCSE / A-Level / Degree and any relevant sport / industry qualifications. Copies of certificates will be required.
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Please tell us when you would be available to start work from in date format
If you are successful at application stage we will be holding an initial induction / training day. Please confirm you will be available and happy to attend an induction training day and in house coaching course. (We understand notice periods may be longer and full start dates can be after this date, but initial training is very important)
We will ask your current or previous employer for a reference. If you have had a long gap in employment history or this is the first job you are applying for we will accept character references. Employment is subject to satisfactory references. References will not be requested before a job offer has been made. Please give the names, relationship to you, email addresses and postal addresses of two character references.
Please state if you have missed work / school / college / university in the past two years due to illness or injury. - What was the reason and how many days did you miss?
Do you suffer from any medical conditions that would prevent you from carrying out the role you have applied for? (Please give brief details)
Legal declarations
We are required to ask this information of all of our prospective employees to determine right and suitability to work in our positions of trust.
Under the asylum and immigration act of 1996 Treasure gymnastics has a legal duty to make basic checks on every potential employee to ensure we are not breaking the law by employing illegal workers. In line with home office guidelines, the company requests that all applicants who are successful for interview present original documentation that supports your permission to work in the UK for inspection. In addition to this you will also be required to provide a photocopy of the documentation for company records. For further details of which documentation is acceptable please contact the Home office. Please tick to indicate you have read this information.
To ensure the safety of our members we have an obligation and a concern to carry out enhanced Disclosure and barring checks for every employee and volunteer associated with Treasure Gymnastics. Please give details of any criminal or civil convictions. Please do not leave blank. State None if not relevant.
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