Meet the team

Our Treasure Team are a committed lovely bunch, they range from level 4 technical coaches to level 0 trainees and apprentices.

We have an experienced group of lead coaches and a highly experienced head coach / leadership team.

I joined treasure gymnastics as a gymnast when I was 6 and I have loved it ever since!

I’m now in acro squad. I started coaching about a year ago and the gymnasts are all so much fun to work with!

I also like athletics and rugby


Gymnastics coach

I have been with Treasure Gymnastics since one of my daughters was part of Tumble Squad many years ago.

Since then three of my children have been gymnasts at and then worked for Treasure (one is still a coach).

My favourite treats are chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. I have also been known to have some chocolate. By the way, have I mentioned I like chocolate?
I also have a love of socks in bright colours with fun pictures, although on the opposite side I can’t stand flip flops or my feet being touched!

I teach preschool and recreational gymnastics. It is great to see the gymnasts start in preschool, go up to recreational with some going on into squad!


Gymnastics coach

I started gymnastics when I was about 4 but have only been coaching for half a year. I love working with the gymnasts – they are all so enthusiastic!

I have just started college and I always enjoy meeting up with my friends and doing art.

Fun Facts:

I can’t wait to learn to drive next year
 am half French and 
I go skiing with my family every year.


Gymnastics coach

Hi, I’m Poppy. I’m 15 years old and did gymnastics for 3 years and tumble squad for a year.

I have been junior coaching for around a year!

I love working with all the gymnasts and watching them improve every

Fun Facts:
I have 4 younger siblings, I love chocolate and I have 2 pet rabbits!!


Junior Coach