Treasure Gymnastics FAQs

Refunds, Transfers and Class Cancellations

Can I get a refund for cancelling a camp booking?
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for cancelled camp bookings. However, we can credit your account for future camp bookings with us.
Can I get a refund for a class cancellation?

In the unlikely event that we have a class cancellation, you will be refunded for this session.

Can we transfer to an alternative class?
  • Certainly, we are happy to accommodate transfers to different classes.
Do I get a refund if my child doesn't like the trial?
  • Our trials are non-refundable in the unlikely event that your child does not enjoy the session
What is your cancellation of membership notice period?
  • We requirea notice period of four class weeks for membership cancellations.

Missed Sessions

We are going on holiday, can my gymnast do a make-up class?
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer makeup sessions for missed classes.
My gymnast is ill/injured and can't attend for a couple of weeks, can you pause my fees?

Fees can be paused for a prolonged injury.

Who do I tell if I’m going to miss class?
Do you offer make-up classes?
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer makeup sessions for missed classes.
What happens if Treasure Gymnastics cancels a class?
  • In the unlikely event of a class cancellation by us, you will be refunded for the cancelled session.

Accessing Accounts

Why didn't I get the information?
  • If you haven't received information, it may be due to being unsubscribed from our emails. You can log into your account and update your email preferences.
How can I check my account/class place?

You can view your class place by logging into your account

Progression, Moving up, andSquads

How can I move my child up into the next group?
  • Move-ups are typically based on coach recommendations. If you'd like to request a progress report, please email

    My child hasn’t won any coins, what do they need to do to get one?
How does my child get into squad?

Squad assessment days are based on coach recommendations. For queries regarding squad placement, please email

My gymnast is not progressing

Your child's progress in gymnastics can vary due to factors like individual developmental rates and learning styles. We recommend speaking to your child's coach for personalised insights.

Location and Lost Property

Where can I find my child's lost things?
Where is the car park?

The car park is located at the bottom of the hill behind our gymnastics centre.

Running of Classes

When does the session finish?
  • Session durations vary. Most recreational sessions are 55 minutes, while pre-school classes are 45 minutes.
What are your levels of classes?

Our class levels are determined by factors such as age and skills being taught.

What do the colours of the classes mean?

The colours of the classes are for organizational purposes and do not hold specific meanings.

What skills are required at each level of class?

Skill requirements vary by class level.

Why can’t I stay and watch?

Due to limited space and safety concerns, parents are unable to stay and watch during classes.

Can I go to the toilet?

Yes, gymnasts are allowed to use the toilet during classes by informing their coaches.

Can I get a cup of water?

We ask that gymnasts bring their own water bottle to the session.

Can you tape my earrings?

Gymnasts are requested to come to sessions with their ears already taped.

How long is the conditioning?

Conditioning durations vary depending on the session.

Are the lessons planned?

Yes, our gymnastics classes are carefully planned by our coaches and are changed every two weeks.

Attire in Classes and Club Kit

My gymnast has her ears pierced, can she wear earrings?
  • For safety reasons, we ask gymnasts to remove all jewellery or tape up ears if earrings cannot be removed.
Where can I buy club kit?

Club kit can be purchased on our website or app after logging into your account.

Do I have to order a Treasure T-shirt for my child?

Every member receives a T-shirt upon joining Treasure Gymnastics.

My gymnast has a verruca.

Gymnasts with verrucas are asked to wear socks with grips.

Sign-Up Process

How do I pay if I want to sign up?
  • All payments are taken from your payment card on the system.
What happens after the trial? How do I sign up?

After the trial, you will receive an email confirming if you would like to permanently join Treasure Gymnastics.

Why have I been charged when joining and again now in the same month?

If you accept a permanent class place, you will be charged the remaining classes for the month. Monthly tuition fees are automatically charged on the 25th of each month.

When do I get the welcome pack?

Welcome packs are distributed within the first couple of weeks of joining Treasure Gymnastics.


Do you only have parties once a month?
  • No, parties are held throughout the month, but they book up quickly.
Do I have to pay for competitions?

Yes, competition entry fees are required.

When can my gymnasts do competitions?

Various competition club events are hosted throughout the year and are open to everyone.

Pre-Trial Concerns

I am worried as my child is feeling nervous?
  • Our coaches are experienced in handling anxious children and strive to create a relaxed and fun environment.

Term Dates and Fees

What are your term dates?
  • You can find our term dates on our website.
What is the fee structure?
  • Monthly tuition fees are automatically charged on the 25th of each month, based on a 12-month period with payments evenly distributed.
When is the gym closed?
  • Gym closure dates can be found on our website.

Office Queries

Why is the office not answering my email?
  • We aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours, but high volumes may cause delays.
What is the club's phone number?