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Our squad system starts with talent identification from our recreational programmes.
Gymnasts are invited for trials, or can request a trial by asking their coach.

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We currently have squads competing in the following disciplines:

  • Aerobics
  • Acrobatics
  • TeamGym
  • Trampolining
  • Tumbling

More about each discipline can be found here:www.british-gymnastics.org/discover

gymnasts learning

Age 5 - 7 - Micro Development

This is our mini Talent ID group.  These gymnasts continue to do 1 recreational class per week for fun, and also attend a session with our squad team trying lots of different skills and conditioning exercises.  The emphasis is on developing strength, flexibility and a love for the sport and all its disciplines.  Our gymnasts are learning to train.


Age 7 - 12 - General Development

This is our access route in to squad for those above our Micro age range.  Gymnasts do 2 sessions per week and learn the basics of all of our key club disciplines, they do lots of fitness and conditioning training and work on more advanced floor skills.  The emphasis of these groups are filling knowledge gaps and identifying which disciplines the gymnasts suit, and which they enjoy most. At this stage our gymnasts are training to train.

gymnasts performing

Age 7 - 12 - Squad Specific Development Groups

Gymnasts enter squad specific groups from our Micro or General development groups.  They begin to specialise in 1 discipline.  The decision to enter a specific development group is a joint decision between the coach and gymnast.  We take in to account gymnast skills / talents, personality, likes and dislikes and the makeup of the group and try really hard to accommodate everyone where they are best suited. Gymnasts in the specific development groups will be expected to attend all training sessions and competitions.  At this stage our gymnasts are training to compete.


Age 8 + - NDP Squads

Our “NDP Squads” are National Development Plan squads.  In these groups gymnasts train a number of times per week in gymnastics and general fitness and conditioning.  They compete in local and national competitions following the British Gymnastics national competition framework for their specific discipline. Gymnasts are representing the club locally and nationally and are expected to take the honour and responsibility seriously. Gymnasts in these groups are Training to win.  Gymnasts identified from these groups may be sent to specialist Elite training programmes through our club links with Regional centres of excellence if they show the ability and commitment, and wish to pursue a hgih level gymnastics career.

We have a number of ex-members that have made national squads and have had international success.  Most recently Stephanie Ricketts (Acrobatics) and Saskia Servini (Women’s tumbling). Click the name above to read more.