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Treasures Flipside

Flipside is our less formal session structure.

Based around the principles of Free Running and parkour, our Freestyle classes are about fun, flowing movement.  We focus less on lines and technique of gymnastics skills and more on the moving from A to B safely and in a controlled but interesting way.

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The Ninja Program is for Younger Freestyelrs interested in learning freestyle Gym and is based around ninja assault courses and fun gym skills - such as flips.

Ninja classes are suitable for 5 - 11 year olds and are run from our larger venues where we have plenty of access to a range of apparatus including bars, trampolines and air tracks.

Freestyle classes are just that - Freestyle.  the gym is open, there is a group warm up at the start and then apparatus are available to the group to work with.  The coaching team are on hand to assist where requested and to ensure safety but there are no formal class requirements.

Freestyle classes are suitable for 11-16 year olds from beginner - advanced.