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Little Treasures

Why should you sign your little one up to preschool gymnastics?

Whether you see your little one as a future gymnast, rugby player or academic the skills developed in Preschool gymnastics are invaluable!

The ABC of movement (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination) once developed can be transferred to many other areas of life.

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We encourage our Little Treasures to take controlled risks to challenge their physical abilities and develop. Climbing, jumping, movement patterns and falling safely are all key elements of our programmes,  Yes we also get in the traditional handstands and cartwheels too!

Developing muscle tone and flexibility helps children in their school readiness journey, giving them the strength to complete tasks that may come naturally to a grown up, but which are tricky to a small person.  Our coaches in our recreational classes can always tell our little Treasures apart from their friends in our rising 5s classes (newly starting school).  We are sure lots of teachers can too!

Everything we do is Fun and whilst it all looks like play, there are lots of elements to our classes that are invaluable for every area of life:

Fine motor skills icon

Fine motor skills are developed in our side station challenges help develop little fingers for writing.

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Big climbing and jumping activities help build self confidence and belief

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Music games and songs develop a sense of rhythm and language skills.

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Following the circuit and taking part promotes independence and turn taking as well as an ability to follow instructions.

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Trying and trying to get that new skill builds resilience and determination, our encouraging coaches will reward effort not just achievement!

encouraging icon

Trying and trying to get that new skill builds resilience and determination, our encouraging coaches will reward effort not just achievement!

Our classes are social, fun, and big on activity.

The programme is split in to 5 styles of class

Baby Gym

Tiny Explorers

This is an unstructured open session for adults and children from birth to five.  Promoting movement and bonding in the gym environment.  This pay as you go session allows visitors to explore the gym, get used to the environment and build boy awareness and developing physical skills, adults remain responsible for their little ones and must go around the gym with them, our team are on hand to answer questions.

child playing

Tiny Circuits

A fun session of circuits set up by our preschool team to challenge your little one. - Explore the circuits with your grown up. This class is suitabale for walkers to four years. Aimed at children not quite ready to engage with our structured class to work towards exploring circuits and getting used to the gymnastics environment and coaches.

children gymnastics

Tiny Treasures

This is our amazing developmental programme, little Treasures work with their grown up to learn basic gymnastics and explore a range of apparatus to build skills.  Themed awards are worked for and children learn basic gymnastics in a fun supportive environment.  The session is split in to a group warm up and then three circuit based activities with a range of challenges and gymnastics skills. - Age range guide 18 months - 3 years (some children can cope with the structure earlier, and others need longer in this class to grow in confidence, our team will work with you to ensure your child is in the appropriate class)

children doing gymnastics

Little Treasures

This is out independent preschool class.  Our little Treasures work without a grown up on their gym skills and learning to work with their class mates and the coaches.  Our coaches work to challenge the individual and teach basic skills such as forward rolls, bunny hops, swinging on the bars and balancing on the beam!  Each week classes are focussed around key skills to work towards our badge system.  This class is suitable for 3 - 5 year olds, usually children move on to our rising 5s / recreational programme as they start school.

children moving

Rising 5s

This is our transition class in to “Big Gymnastics” children move in to this class once they start school, they continue to work on their Junior award scheme and the session has games and circuits.  Each week there is a focus to help children develop their personal skills around their gymnastics including Determination, Team Work, Kindness and Resilience. Our aim in this class is successful transition in to our recreational programme, whilst continuing to develop gymnastics and personal skills.  Age range 4-6years